Serial Pooper in N.J. identified as the school’s superintendent

serial pooperNew Jersey — Students and faculty would often find human feces on or near the track and football field before the school day began at Holmdel High School in New Jersey.

The school contacted law enforcement to launch an investigation to reveal the so called “serial pooper”.

The investigation revealed the subject as: the school district superintendent.Image result for Thomas Tramaglini

Thomas Tramaglini, 42, has served as Kenilworth School District superintendent since Aug. 2015. He was arrested at 5:50 a.m., Monday after witnesses saw him going number 2 on the football field.

“The Holmdel School Resource Officer was alerted by Holmdel High School staff and coaches that they were finding human feces, on or near the area of the High School track / football field on a daily basis,” Holmdel police said in a statement. The resource officer and school staffers “monitored the area” and were able “to identify a subject responsible for the acts,” the statement continued.

According to a Holmdel police spokesman, Tramaglini has been charged with:

  1. public urination or defecation
  2. discarding and dumping of litter
  3. and lewdness

The superintendent has been placed on paid leave and has a court date scheduled for May 7.

Leaves can only be without pay “in the face of indictments or tenure charges, as a matter of state law,” the statement said.

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