Michigan State dean charged for storing nude photos of female students

The array of issues for Michigan State University continues…

After former gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced for over 200 years in prison , Michigan State has another sexual incident on their hands.

William Strampel, 70, is the first MSU faculty member to be charged since an investigation launched in East Lansing in January to uncover how MSU handled (or failed to handle) complaints against Nassar. Former Dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine, Strampel, was in charge of overseeing the clinic where Larry Nassar worked.

Strampel has been charged with misconduct of a public official, fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and two counts of neglect of duty for not properly handling complaints against Nassar.

Bill Forsyth, Attorney General in charge of the MSU investigation reported there are complaints Strampel solicited photos from at least one female student, and used his office as a place of harassment.

“Strampel used his office to harass, discriminate, demean, sexually proposition and sexually assault female students,” Forsyth said.

Strampel’s work computer was found with about 50 photos of female genitalia, nude and semi-nude women, sex toys and pornography in a search by Attorney General’s department.

“Many of these photos are of what appear to be ‘selfies’ of female MSU students, as evidenced by the MSU clothing and piercings featured in multiple photos,” according to the complaint. Also found on the computer was a video described as “Nassar performing ‘treatment’ on a young female patient.”

Strampel has denied engaging in any sort of transaction.

“My client denies that he ever engaged in any inappropriate touching of anyone — any student or otherwise,” attorney John Dakmak said. “He denies that there was any quid pro quo for sexual favors in exchange for any type of standing within the university or the medical school.”

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