Balling Overseas

Just a few weeks ago, son number two of the Ball family, LiAngelo Ball, was arrested for shoplifting. Along with two other teammates from UCLA, the three of them attempted to steal items from high end stores during a China trip. The three UCLA freshman were let go free of charges, but there has been scrutiny ever since.

Within the last day, Lavar Ball (father of LiAngelo and owner of Big Baller Brand) announced he is pulling his son LiAngelo from UCLA. Lavar Ball will also be pulling the committed offer to UCLA from his youngest son LaMelo. On top of this, the Ball family now be exploring professional basketball options overseas, in place of college experience.

Ball has plans for his son LiAngelo to play a year overseas, and ultimately enter the 2018 NBA draft. However, LiAngelo does not have nearly the talent or hype about him his brother Lonzo did. Anonymous NBA scouts have said LiAngelo is no where on their scouting list for next year’s draft, not even the extended list (according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski).

Knowing Lavar Ball, this will not stop his attempt to get his son to the draft, but for the first time in a while, I’m doubting he can make it happen.

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