U.S. Population & Demographics in Charts

Advancements in technology, health, and ways of life are all contributors to a longer life expectancy. With this, comes an increase in population. Similar to the population of the entire planet, the United States population has been on a constant incline as long as we can can remember. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, there has been nearly a 23 million increase in population over the last 10 years. Chart3.pngAs of 2016, the United States population was 324 million people. Soon the end of the year numbers will be in for 2017, and as of today that number is already north of 325 million people.

With such a high growth of population in the United States, we wonder, where does everybody live? Using Census Bureau data and official estimates of current population numbers, this chart shows the population of the 5 most populated states in the U.S. These include California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Illinois.


The United States is a nation of many nations, and is home to citizens from all over the planet. The demographics of the United State’s are constantly changing. This chart displays the current percentage of racial makeup in the United State’s population.

Chart2.pngThese numbers are expected to continue to change over the years, with drastic increases in the Hispanic and Asian American population.

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